Arts = Education. Published and distributed by the UCI Center for Learning Through the Arts, Sciences, & Sustainability (CLASS) in association with the University of California Press.

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 “Connecting the Dots” in VIVA! Community Arts & Popular Education in the Americas, New York: SUNY Press.




Current Research (2018)

“The Arts, Banishment, and Cultural Organizing: How to Become Erasure Proof,” essay for Latinx Geographies Panel at the Association of American Geographers Conference in New Orleans, April 2018.

Peer Reviewed Essays

“’Do Our Lives Matter?’: Arts and Political Education for Freedom School,” chapter in special edition on Space/Place and Pedagogical Practices for Education, Citizenship, and Social Justice, Sage Journals, forthcoming in 2018.

“Teaching Public Scholarship: Jacqueline Leavitt’s Living Legacy” in Critical Planning Journal, forthcoming in 2017.

“Creative Justice: Arts Education for the City,”  Public: A Journal for Imagining America (2017)

“Arts Impact: Lessons From ArtsBridge,” Journal for Learning Through the Arts and Technology (2010)

“Content in Context: Community Building Through Arts Education” Journal for Learning Through the Arts: A Research Journal on Arts Integration in Schools and Communities (2007)

“Pursuing Quality Education Through the Arts: Lessons from Asia” Teaching Artist’s Journal (2006)

“Home, Memory, and Beyond” Critical Planning, (2000).


Policy Recommendations

Blueprint for Creative Schools, 2015.

(She served on the six member team representing the State of California to the National Endowment for the Arts’ Education Leadership Institute and was a founding member of CREATE CA. She co-chaired the Access and Equity Committee for the CA Department of Education and analyzed statewide arts enrollment data to provide evidence based recommendations for equitable arts education policy in California’s public schools.



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